Friday, 1 June 2012

Is Nokia Fading?

Nokia 1100!
Remembering that phone? Black and white with torch?
My first step into the world of mobile technology was using this stunning Nokia mobile (Most probably, many of you). Even now, its power and role on mobile world is huge. Many business entrepreneurs and IT workers are still using it, due to its huge battery life (around 400 hours) and extra smart operation. It was launched on 2003 and, it was one of the best selling handset in the world. Its flashlight, monophonic ringtones, games of snake II and space impact (the first game I ever played) was very amazing on those days (sometimes at present also)
This Nokia, which emerges with Nokia basic software and then Java based Operating system along with Symbian OS, is now performing with the leading PC operating system WINDOWS. Windows OS was launched on Nokia mobile for around 7 months with Nokia Lumia 710, which clearly explains that Nokia is fumbling in the world of smart phones.
Nokia was having a great upsurge on simple hand devices and it’s trying recently hard to establish a paramount on smart phones. Increment of Apple, Samsung, and HTC along with Android Operating system is a huge pathway which Nokia is so far away.

 Lumia, Asha are the recent smart phones launched by Nokia. But Samsung and HTC smart phones almost captured every smart phone lovers mind around the world and beyond that, Google’s Android platform established a huge width or passion for smart phones, which is something like Microsoft for PCs(But I personally love Linux and am using it :P)
Ok! Now the point is, I am not really saying that Nokia is fading, but I strongly doubt that Nokia is fumbling in the case of smart phones(You may have different opinions which is always welcomed), and now the smart phone mania is increasing tremendously on youth and no one is searching for Nokia windows phone on stores. Instead they are grabbing for Samsung and HTC smart phones and, at very last we can observe in one word that
“Nokia is fading”
Chris Weber, head of Nokia’s subsidiary on US says:-
“"The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn't matter what we do (elsewhere)."
Along with
 "North America is a priority for Nokia (...) because it is a key market for Microsoft."

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