Thursday, 5 July 2012

5 Amazing apps to speed up your Android smart phone

“I am holding one of the major smart phones, and still starving for memory.” 
Is this situation similar to yours? If your answer is YES, then, I am going to present  5 amazing apps which increases your smart phone performance to an extend speed.  Your smart phone may perform many problems like battery killing or any other software problems and you may think that, it’s due to my hardware problem. But the real problem may be the performance of background applications 
Though, you can find many memory manager apps on Google play or Android market.  But all of them may or may not give the perfect result. So to point on the right options, am going to help you to select the appropriate 5 apps, which is performed and tested on my Android smart phone.
  1)      Auto Memory Manager

Auto Memory Manager (AMM) customizes your memory and you don’t need to kill tasks by yourselves. This amazing app wipes out the tasks automatically by default and increases your memory. This free app will function on most of the Android smart phones.
Why thinking about Manual task killing whiles this app is right next to you?

   2)      Auto Killer Memory Optimizer

Auto killer Memory Optimizer app which is similar to AMM also kills the tasks automatically by default. I can assure you that, by downloading Auto killer Memory Optimizer you just forget about “Task killing”. By downloading it once, you cannot imagine without it anymore.

   3)      ES Task Manager
Other than just task manager to your smart phone, ES task manager app gives you many other features which comfort your phone from huge memory. It has vivid features other than task manager to make your smart phone smooth and smart. It also includes start manager, Power optimizer to save your battery life, File explorer, File cleaner, Task killer, Application manager and a lot more.
   4)      Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager is a perfect Android task killer with no replica. It kills the background applications performing on your smart phone which kills your smoothness and time. Though its actions are not manual, you need to just check the applications you need to kill. It also gradually increases your battery life and regains the smoothness back.

   5)      Memory Booster- RAM optimizer

It is one of the RAM optimizer amazing apps of Android. It gradually boosts your RAM performance of smart phone. Task killing and RAM boosting is done manually on Memory Booster-RAM optimizer app, which means no need to waste time by selecting the applications yourselves, to kill. (No probes if you have time :P)

I am not forcing you to install all these 5 apps on your smart phone and starve for performance again. These are some of the apps which will suit you better than other task killing apps. (Even though the final decision must be yours)  Download and feel the performance of each and select the best!

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