Sunday, 8 July 2012

Google Android developers announced YouTube Android Player API

Google announced the most popular video social network site YouTube on Android as YouTube Android player API.

Why another YouTube player on Android? Almost this question comes to mind first. I too think the same. Google Android developers give a proper answer for it, which is listed below. Many Android users have the same problem, which results the launch of ‘The YouTube on Android player API’.

  • Flash not available on all devices
  • Not a true mobile experience
  • Browser plugin: No player API access
  • Same Web-embedding HTML as desktop
  • Overall, No good mobile experience for users.
So API is a native library specifically designed for Android devices. Rather than mobile, it works well on Tablet, iPad, GoogleTV etc. This social app supports on all Android devices above Android 2.2(Froyo). And by using it, no need to worry about quality content of video because it selects automatically to full HD content with crystal clear.
Easy experience on full screen, hiding and a lot more options are available on this mobile YouTube. Download and experience smartly everything around you
Watch and learn!
Nothing to say other than Amazing! 
                             Download YouTube Android Player API

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