Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What about Google on your simple Handset without Internet connection?

One day, I and my family had a visit to Chennai for some educational purpose. After completing all our stuffs, still we had one day left before return, because we already reserved the railway seats for way back to home town. We decided to spend few hours by watching latest movies released. But the problem was, on that huge metro city we don’t know where the theatre is and which are the films playing recently?
But, I solved that problem and we watched a movie from one of the 1st class theatre.
On another occasion and another location I and my friends met the same situation as above and we decided to visit some of tourist attracting places on the city. But the problem was same like before. Don’t know where the attractions are and don’t know where to go.
But, I solved this problem too!

The above two incidents was a real life incidents happened to me and am eager to express that how I solve these problems. Guys who are holding smart phones may consider this as silly because they can connect to internet and solve these problems quickly along with the driving directions as possible. But what will the simple handset users do? I mean users like of Nokia 1100 (Am still using that phone:P)

The simplest solution is that, acquire Google search engine to your simple handset without any internet connection or GPRS, through which I solve the above problems. I just text to Google, “movies Chennai” and as soon as possible I received the movies and the specified theatres as results. Also on the case of attracting places Google helps me through SMS.

Google provides information via SMS for users starving with internet connection or any GPRS. You can search sports score, railway info, business around you, stock quotes, horoscope, word meaning, driving directions and a lot more than you think.

To achieve this, SMS your query to 9773300000, and you will get your search results easy. Just save the number on your contacts and explore.

Be smart WITHOUT a smart phone!

I’m feeling lucky!

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