Tuesday, 8 May 2012

5 Amazing Things Of HTC One X Android phone

HTC One X is one of the advanced featured Android smart phone specially designed by user needs. You can surely raise HTC One X as one of the modern smart phones.

 Here is a list of 5 Amazing features of HTC One X. Take a look

1)    Amazing performance

                 As well, the basic part of a smart phone must be its performance. HTC One X can offer better performance when compared to other Android smart phones. It contains 32 GB storage and 1GB RAM for better result with Quad core 1.5 GHz CPU. High resolution applications and beautiful display also offers with better performance

2)    Battery Life

             HTC One X is holding a 1800mAh battery. Please don’t think that it contains only 1800mAh battery, the battery life isn’t bad as you think. It has the power to save your battery full day with full day performance.

3)    Style and easy to hold

           HTC One X is an ultra slim smart phone which is easy to hold. It will be always an obedient server perfect on your hands. Its only 8.9mm thick and a perfect light weight smart phone which means HTC One X can surely demand about its, easy to hold feature other than any smart phones.

4)    Amazing audio and camera effects

          HTC One X provides amazing audio and camera effects. You might wonder, by its high quality HD camera stills and High definition stereo audio. HTC One X provides crystal clear audio, which enlighten you with mp3 songs and WAV ringtones.

5)    Amazing Display and Home screen

        HTC One X supports you with amazing display(1280x720) and homesceen, which really remembers that, you are holding a extra real smart phone. It provides display with multi touch and protection with Corning Gorilla Glass- HTC Sense UI. Without any doubt I can say that, HTC One X amazing display and performance makes you real smart around your friends by holding an extra smart SMART phone.

Beyond all these, HTC One X contains many advantages of its own which captures every smart phone lovers mind. 
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  1. I am Using one of this but i don`t even knew what it relay holds,thank U man