Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Do you know to command and control your phone?

Be the real boss now!
Don’t just operate your smart phones with hands. Start commanding like a boss.

 AIVC (Artificial Intelligent Voice Control) app attains the voice recognition power, specially designed for Android smart phones. Through this app you can ask for the applications for your smart phone to perform, which makes you extra smart.   
This app is very helpful for the situations like driving and other busy movements.
This means, you can operate your phone without touching it, which really means operate your phone on any busy situations in life.
Latest cars are updated with Bluetooth facility, so the driver can talk on mobile hand free. But what about texting a message?
You really need to stop the car right?
So stop the car unless AIVC installed on your phone.

So, now don’t just mess up with your smart phone. Start commanding and control your phone!
You can download AIVC free from Google Play Station

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