Friday, 25 May 2012

App Back Up and restore: Backup and reinstall Android applications

App Backup and Restore (ABR) app enables your Android phone applications to store and reinstall later. If your smart phones operations or doings or actions have decreased tremendously, this app is extra useful while entering to factory settings. If ABR is installed from SD card using your PC, you can reassert your applications widely. You can also reassert or reschedule the applications using factory installed file manager. Open the App Backup Restore folder and install the needed applications using your SD card. 

Do not forget you are using an Android Smart phone:-p

ABR, which is developed by Infolyfe, has varieties of advantages for smart phone users.

·         Back up applications to SD card
·         Batch back up
·         Back up market links of protected applications(which has copyright)
·         Applications can reassert batch wise from SD card
·         Uninstall applications
·         Backup at the same time of installing the applications
·         Shows the internal external memory usage
·         Back up different versions of Applications
·         Back up information is available

Note: Do not select auto update for applications

You can see the installed applications while opening ABR. You can select the applications that are needed to back up from it.
You can go to settings from the menu key itself, along with uninstall, sort, refresh, and select all. If the auto back up settings is updated, while installing applications, it will auto back up and inform us. Storage performance is also available if you choose other settings.

You can download App Backup and Restore from Google Play Sation

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