Thursday, 31 May 2012

Advanced Android phone with cheapest rate - Beyond your imagination

·         Android 2.3
·         5 megapixel camera
·         L.E.D flash
·         1GB internal memory
·         32GB expandable memory
·         1 Giga hertz processor
·         3.8 inch touch screen
·         Bluetooth
·         WiFy
·         3G
·         USB connecter
The above list is the features of Carbon A9 Android phone. what do you think this smartphone cost?
Are you thinking that a simple person cannot hold this extra smart phone.
Then you may be wrong!
Indian company Karbon presents Karbon A9 with just Rs.8999 (around $180). It holds vivid applications like Gmail, YouTube, Skype as home applications. You can also download applications from Google Play Stations as your needs.
3.5 mm audio jack, audio-video player, GPS, and lot more are other Karbon A9 features.
Have it and be fun with Android!

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