Wednesday, 16 May 2012

5 Amazing Free applications of Android

Here I am going to list, 5 must needed Android apps or 5 amazing apps which perfects your Android device while comparing with others!

1)      Shake and charge battery

                                 Shake your phone; use the power of motion and you doesn’t need a battery saver or any battery widgets. Shake the battery whenever the battery life deceases, instead no need to grope here and there for a charger or power.
Hold your phone near to body and shake, for better result.
Make sure you have a perfect grip on phone while shaking because you may throw it off J
And try to avoid shaking on busy streets, for your safety.
 This app perfects lot for long trips or business tours.

2)      Make free call using Viber app

       Your money! Your phone! Your sim!
Then why connecting friends by pay.
 Viber app for Android creates free international communication between Android smart phone viber users. It lets all viber users to connect for free. Install this app, call and text your friends for free.
Make sure that this pretty useful app is installed also by your friend
Download and enjoy free communication!

3)      Just dial app

Just dial app is one of the local search engine designed for Android users over India and USA. The app is simple and hence interactive.
Think of holding an extra smart phone and unaware of life or events around you! So pathetic. So Just download “Just dial app” and find the interactive events around you. Through this app you can find, the movies, famous shows, restaurants, hotels, ATM centers, shopping complexes, entertainments etc etc and a lot more on your city.
Just avoid wasting time for searching the services or business products you need around your city. Grab quick results from “just dial app” on your Android smart phone.

4)      CamScanner to Scan your files

What about turning your Android smart phone to a scanner?
Surely it makes you feel, you are holding a smart phone. CamScanner, one of the greatest apps of android, enables you to scan any documents and storing it as PDF files. You can scan newspapers, articles, bills, personal documents, images, photos etc and a lot more through this extra ordinary app.

5)      AIVC (Artificial Intelligent Voice Control)

Do you know to command and control your phone?
Be the real boss now!
Don’t just operate your smart phones with hands. Start commanding like a boss.
AIVC (Artificial Intelligent Voice Control) app attains the voice recognition power, specially designed for Android smart phones. Through this app you can COMMAND for the applications for your smart phone to perform, which makes you extra smart.  
So don’t just mess up with your smart phone. Start commanding and control your phone!
These are the five amazing apps which I prefer, But always dear user……. The decision must be YOURS!

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