Saturday, 14 April 2012

5 widgets I like most on Beautiful Widget app

Experience amazing widgets on home screen with Beautiful Widgets app on your Android device!
This stunning Android app has downloaded around 1 million even though it’s not free. One of the only android paid apps to cover this record. Beautiful widget app provides better home screen than you usually felt tired of.
This astonish app provides widgets like clock, weather, moons phases, beautiful themes, skins, date, toggle widgets and so on!
Here let me list some widgets which suit your Android device. Try it! Download and amaze your friends and buddies.
Digital Clock Widget
This digital app provides extra style digital time format on your home screen. It contains essential features of its own with different backgrounds.
Download this app free from Google Play Station

 Weather Widget
It provides animated live weather forecasts and wallpapers with auto update. You can also buy clock+weather widget from Android store
Download this app from Google Play Station

Moon phase Widget
Helps to watch the current phase of the moon on your location with attracting Moon walls. Also provides different features like moon rise time, moon set time etc for space lovers or moon lovers.
Download Moon Phase widget from AppBrain for free!

Simple Calendar Widget
Simple calendar widget provides standard simple calendar to make you up to date or store your notes by simple touch with background support.
Download simple calendar widget from Google Play Station

Brightness Toggle Widget
Brightness toggle widget alters the brightness mode of your device by single touch. Now, increase or decrease your brightness level with ultra speed!
Download Brightness Toggle Widget free from Google Play Station

Install and be lazy with all tasks at your finger tip and be proud to be lazy!
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