Monday, 16 April 2012

Do you know to scan documents using your Android Smart phone?

What about turning your Android smart phone to a scanner? 

Surely it makes you feel, you are holding a smart phone. CamScanner, one of the greatest apps of android, enables you to scan any documents and storing it as PDF files. You can scan newspapers, articles, bills, personal documents, images, photos etc and a lot more through this extra ordinary app.
This means, Life is simple with Android application on phone!
Now, install this app and turn your smart phone into a scanner. Scan the documents or images and share it with friends and relatives through facebok, twitter or do whatever you like.
You can download CamScanner free or CamScanner full. Both free and full have version differences. CamScanner full makes you comfort, but free app may also suits you.
On free version, you may find advertisements, PDF files in watermarks and limitation of around 50 documents, which wrest your freedom. On full version this problems may not disturb you. It is ad free, and PDF files with no watermarks and documents with no limitations.
Download this app free or full from your choice!

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