Friday, 6 April 2012

Shake and charge battery: Android app

I am eager to post before you, another app of Android. Apart from the app, solar charger, shaking and charging does not cause any harm for your Android device. Exposing direct sunlight to your device for solar charger creates disorder on your device and this never happens here. It uses kinetic energy rather to charge your smart phone.
Shake your phone, use the power of motion and you no need a battery saver or any battery widgets. This perfects lot for long trips or business tours.
 You need to do only this. Download shake to charge battery app. Shake your phone when battery becomes low and watch the battery monitor. You can see your battery level increasing slowly. This perfect Android app requires 343K of free space on your Android device. The only defect is, electricity produced by shaking your phone is low compared to other charges. It takes almost 15 minutes to charge your phone completely and it may be discharged within short period of time.
Anyway, it is one of the best battery regeneration apps until now. Hold your phone near to body and shake, for better result.
Make sure you have a perfect grip on phone while shaking and try to avoid shaking in busy streets, for your safety.
You can download this app free and wonder your friends from

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