Thursday, 5 April 2012

Just dial App for Android

Just dial app is one of the local search engine designed for Android users over India and USA. The app is simple and hence interactive.
Think of holding an extra smart phone and unaware of life or events around you! So pathetic, I think. Just download “Just dial app” and find the interactive events around you. Through this app you can find,  clearly the movies, famous shows, restaurants, hotels, ATM centers, shopping complexes, entertainments  etc etc and a lot more on your city.
 Just avoid wasting time for searching the services or business products you need around your city. Grab quick results from “just dial app” on your Android smart phone. It is available anytime or anywhere for free, if you just installed it. It gives results on your wish or, on your preference. Use “Near me” option to get quick access on your city.
It just holds 1.7MB space, for Android users, which can be easily discovered on your phone.
Just experience the value of free information!
Download this app free from Google Play station

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