Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Understand yourself through Android

Before starting shall I say that, this app is not an entertainment app or an app just to try your luck or something? This app (Know yourself personality test) provides you self-Improvement or Self-help for your future life!
Install the app and know about you and your friends. This app has base of human psychology and well developed for personality development
Which means Android app is providing you free council without the help of others!
It includes many aptitude and personality tests to gain knowledge about you.
It includes tests like
·         Your work style
·         Are you happy?
·         How can you avoid your fear?
·         What is your passion?
·         What is your right move?
·         How creative you are?
·         How can you handle a bad situation?
And a lot more. It contains many tests other than this to improve your personality
Other than tests it includes articles, audios and other info for its advanced features
Download! Understand! And Improve!


  1. But, I can find it as an entertainment......:p

  2. But, I can find it as an entertainment......:p