Sunday, 15 April 2012

Street View for Android devices

Now don’t just shrink your world holding an extra Android smart phone or device on hand. Street view on Google maps app enable the user to explore the cities or streets around or beyond you.
Using this app, you can grab the real world in your hand by a virtual trip to your favorite places. This extra ordinary app behaves performing outdoors, which is different from other Android apps.
Search for the place you love most and a long press on the map enables your favorite places on your device screen. This free Android application needs only 282kb free space on your device, pretty small!
Note: Street view for Android only enables the places where Google street car has been covered yet.
So, it mainly works on Highways, be glad that it works also on local highways or main paths. And sooner we can hope that, the Google car will cover your locality, if not covered yet.
Though this app is free, download and find weather Google car has covered your locality or not.
You can download this app free from Google Play Station


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  2. action bar is optimized for IceCream sandwitch as well