Friday, 13 April 2012

Invasion of Android Operating System on BPL families

Sorry, this post is not a review about Android apps or Android phones. It’s something about the senses happening in India using Android operating system.
 Hence, the senses happen over India on regular years, and this present year something different happens. It’s so glad that the 2012 senses are performing with a Tablet PC with Android version 2.2 OS (Operating system) support. This clearly explains the invasion of Android operating system on other regular OS.
Even though the touching sensor is low, it has huge battery support and vivid Android applications. Now, it’s glad to say that, each and every Indian houses are going to feel the true presence of Android Operating System. So the coming senses are not just technical, it’s something ultra technical. Anytime, anywhere the Android application may knock the Indian doors with no difference APL (Above Poverty Line) or BPL (Below Poverty Line).

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