Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Unlock your phone through face unlock!

Be safe!
Add extra security for your Phone with Face lock Android application on Android IceCream Sandwich version 4.4. Now, just say goodbye to antique password and pin lock.
Face lock app enables you to enjoy the face lock password, and make your friends wonder, though they cannot hack your phone! Other than phone, it produces security for your apps too!
Face lock app works through scanning of your photo through camera and matching with the desired photo. You can save your photo on different 7 angles on different lights. So it enables to unlock your phone at any lighting conditions. And still if you think it’s not secure, you can add your password lock along with face lock. Which means after scanning your image, your smart phone asks for password, that provides you ultra security.
Download face lock and enjoy ultra security system for your phone than your country!
You can download face lock app free from Google Play Station.

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