Thursday, 12 April 2012

Winamp music player on your Android

The new version of winamp music player is now available for free on your Android device with one click launch. View the lists of tracks on the single home screen which comforts you more. Latest winamp version supports all major music formats with local and global with Mac OS 10.6 and more.
And, you can also download your favorite music’s from this stunning Music player or simply Music store. This new Android app is available with Ad free and gapless playbacks, which comforts you more.
You can gain attractive features of Winamp from Pro Bundle, a setting; on your Android app. One of the defects of this app is that, it does not support folder navigation or folder playback which disturbs the user a little bit, but still winamp enriches the music world around you
Winamp lets you to the music world on a new style, now it’s not music it’s MUZIC.
You can download this app free from Google Play Store
 You can scan the below QR code with your phone

 Visit Winamp Mac Sync Beta for more

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