Sunday, 29 April 2012

Free SMS India through your Android phone

You are holding a smart phone right?
Then be smart always with useful apps around you.
If you think that you are holding a Smartphone, if you really think, then why spending money for Short Message Service!
I know, today there are many ways for sending SMS for free. But shall I ask, is it really free?
You pay for message offers on your phone and almost get unlimited free SMS for one month (only for one month). This cannot be considered as free message service. Its something like prepaid message service. Same like recharge and call, you are using recharge and SMS for free.
On recharge and call, you can see the amount recharged as balance on your phone. It reduces like your usage. But, on the case of message, you cannot see the offer money on phone, instead SMS is Free! Free! Free! Totally Rubbish!
Now, its time to say good bye for this rubbish precedence.
Install Free SMS India app on your Android phone and enjoy unlimited SMS to anywhere in India.
All you need is a GPRS service on your phone to send SMS. With this feature on phone, you can send SMS with any gateways that are enabled like way2sms, 160by2, fullonSMS etc
You can definitely choose your gateway. Though this app is not complicated, any below average human can operate it.
So don’t just wait, Download and say goodbye to Pay for SMS!
You can download it free from Google Play Station

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