Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Get green! A solar charger app for your Android

Are you holding an Android device and starving for battery life! 

The problem solves here. Get a solar charger app soon, and fix your problem. I promise it works well. 

Simply, install the app, put it in sun, and reschedule your smart device to extra smart device. (Make sure for extra protection; do not hold your device under direct sunlight for long time, high temperature may damage your device or simply extra smart device.) This solar charger Android app is one of the best Android apps which can be called absolutely as a useful app for your Android phone or your other Android devices. 

This fun app needs only approximately 903K free space on your device, for easy installation which can be easily discovered on your device, I think!

The app contains several extra ordinary features like:
·         Vibrates when charging starts
·         prevent the device from going to sleep mode
·         Nice charging animation
·         Detects the amount of light
·         3 different solar panels
·         Tablet support
·         Samsung support

Don’t wait. You can download this app free from 

Install this well defined Android app and have fun!

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